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Our Environment

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Our Environment ~ Where young minds take flight

Bullfrogs and Butterflies is a community where children, teachers, and parents are involved in creating a safe, healthy, and enriched learning environment.  In an atmosphere of affection and mutual respect, each child is encouraged to learn and achieve the child’s full potential.  We believe that children who are challenged to set high but realistic standards for themselves and are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions and the well being of others will become successful and responsible people.

Bullfrogs and Butterflies is designed to provide your child a loving home environment that enables your child to feel safe and secure.  Our school has separate spaces for playing, eating, and sleeping. We provide play and learning materials that meet children’s need for exploration and discovery.

Our teachers have a deep understanding of age-appropriate childhood development to help children achieve secure relationships with respectful educators.  Each classroom allows our teachers to create a nurturing learning environment that allows your child to feel valued and empowered.

Bullfrogs and Butterflies Preschool and Kindergarten is where your child’s academic and social development is achieved.

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