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Our Purpose


Our Purpose:  Excellence … one child at a time.

  • To prepare children for a successful transition to elementary school

  • To address the intellectual, emotional, social, creative, physical, and moral needs of each child

  • To provide an age-appropriate learning environment which is free of negative influences

  • To recognize the children’s individuality and diversity of background and experiences and develop the potential of each child

  • To encourage curiosity and independence of thought and to develop the higher level of thinking abilities. This approach to learning will develop their young minds and enhance the growth of the individual throughout life

  • To place the child’s own experience at the heart of the learning process and to make this the basis for our own foundation for teaching,  whenever possible

  • To ensure learning is enjoyable and that children at Bullfrogs and Butterflies are provided with a stimulating and caring environment

  • To involve parents in the development of their children through regular communication and involvement in school activities

  • To keep up-to-date on current educational opportunities and thinking and to ensure our teachers have a deep understanding of child development

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