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At Bullfrogs and Butterflies we want to foster not only a well-rounded child but also a well-rounded curriculum. With that philosophy in mind, a cohesive blend of several curriculums are used throughout our programs. We take the needs of the preschooler and kindergartener to heart and realize they learn best through multi-modality experiences (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile). To enhance the lessons, we infuse hands-on experiences with the majority of all lessons taught. Research shows that a child learns best and retains more information through doing the activity itself rather than just watching the activity being done.

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Within our preschool program, we start with a monthly framework that encompasses four different curriculums (123-Read, Abrams and Company, Early Discoveries/ Early Adventures, and Abeka). Our teachers then create age-appropriate lesson plans for their classrooms. If a child needs more individualized instruction, the lessons are adapted either up or down to help achieve the child’s full potential and make way for effective learning through differentiating how the lesson is taught. We never want to force academics on a young learner, but we absolutely want to stimulate the learning process, encourage critical thinking, and use constant praise for achievement. Learning starts at a very young age, and preschool is the perfect environment to set strong foundational skills to help create the life-long learner who will always love school.


The Kindergarten program is a full-day experience where learning can continue past the lunch hour (8:30 am – 3:00 pm). What sets Bullfrogs and Butterflies apart from public schools or other private schools is our ability to afford extra time with the lessons and make sure skills are mastered before moving on to the next skill. Our Kindergarten program does follow Virginia Beach Public Schools SOL’s, but we have the ability to implement additional content to ensure not only that learning is occurring but that we are also allowing the extra time needed for the child to fully understand what is being taught. The Kindergarten curriculum consists of Everyday Mathematics (Math), Pinnell and Fountas (Phonics), Time for Kids (Social Studies and Science), guided reading, sight words, and health.

Take a moment to review the outline of our preschool and Kindergarten curriculums on the academic pages. Please know this is only a high-level snap shot of what we implement at Bullfrogs and Butterflies, and we encourage you to stop by and let us show you first hand the love we have for teaching.

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