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Kindergarten Schedule and Curriculum

kindergarten-5From the Kindergarten Classroom: Schedule and Curriculum

Each day will begin with center time. The students will choose which area to explore from 8 am until 9 am. The following centers will be available: Blocks, Dramatic Play, Art, Library, Discovery, Music/Movement, Toys/Games.

At 9am, we will have our Morning Meeting, followed by our Author Study. After a snack, we will have Math time followed by Reading Groups/Learning Centers.

Following lunch, we will have either a Science or Social Studies lesson. The students will end the day with a Gross Motor/Recess time from 2:30-3:00. There will be other Brain Breaks built into the day as well.

Curriculum Overview:

Reading:  We will complete two author studies per month, including book responses, journal prompts, art projects, graphing, and more, featuring authors such as Eric Carle, Leo Lionni, Tomie dePaola, Dr. Seuss, and many more. Author studies will be cross- curricular, bringing in math, science, and social studies. We will also use Reading A-Z for Guided Reading lessons. Daily learning centers will focus on sight words, writing, listening, and independent reading.

Writing:  There will be daily modeling of writing through a Morning Message, focusing on sentence structure, phonics, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. Students will complete regular one-on-one journal writing, using the Kid Writing process, which integrates phonics and teaches students to write independently.

Math:  Daily Calendar activities will reinforce counting, place value, patterns, money, and graphing. We will use Interactive Math notebooks along with a variety of hands-on activities with manipulatives.

Science:  We will study The Five Senses, Magnets, Matter, Plants and Animal Life Processes, Space, Weather, and Conservation through inquiry-based learning, along with literature and hands-on exploration.

Social Studies:  We will study Famous Americans, Native Americans, American Holidays, Maps and Globes, Community Helpers, and Character Traits through literature, hands-on projects, songs and more.

We will cover the Virginia Standards of Learning for Kindergarten in all subject areas!

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