May 17, 2017

B&B Inclement Weather Policy

The inclement weather policy for Bullfrogs and Butterflies typically is to follow the Virginia Beach Public School systems’ delays and closures for weather-related activity. However, since we are a private school and as such you pay tuition, when there is a close call about weather conditions and the related safety of our staff and families, B&B reserves the right to make an independent decision about delays and closures.

These updates are communicated via email, the B&B Facebook page, and our website. If you are unsure about the status of the school’s opening, please refer to these resources. Also, please bear in mind that Virginia Beach Public Schools often waits until relatively late in the morning to make a final decision about opening that day, and they are evaluating the safety of school being in session for an entire city, whereas Bullfrogs and Butterflies is evaluating the conditions only for the area around the school.

We understand that delays and closures are inconvenient for all, especially as it takes time to assess weather-related conditions, but the safety of our staff and families is our top concern.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the school at (757) 563-2844.