“Thank you so much for providing a wonderful environment for our boys at summer camp this year! The boys have had such an amazing experience. We are so grateful that we discovered Bullfrogs and Butterflies & that you had availability for our boys. We look forward to the opportunity for Hunter and & Colin to continue to grow & learn with you in preschool this next year. Thanks again for all that you do!” The Washbon Family

“I just want to say thank you to all the staff of this wonderful little school! Cheyenne attended preschool and kindergarten, and this was one of the best decisions we made for her. She truly blossomed in your care and learned so much in such a short time. She just started 1st grade and she is very well prepared for it. I cannot say thank you enough for the love everyone gave her, even the teachers that were not assigned to her, because they always kept an eye out for all the kids. But thanks especially to Ginger, Mrs. Mandy, and Mr. Stephen. I wish only good things for this school. May it continue to serve the community for a long, long time to foster learning and love for many more kids!” Sincerely,

Hazel and Richard Corpus “2017”

“Every child deserves a preschool/KG experience like we’ve been so fortunate to have for the past 3 years with Bullfrogs and Butterflies Preschool and Kindergarten. Happy Valentine’s Day, Miss Ginger, Miss Jessica, Miss Sarah, Mrs. Maria, Ms. Mandy and all B&B teachers…There are so many reasons we love you! Minnow Classroom Owl’s Creek Kindergarten at Bullfrogs & Butterflies.”

“My daughter Vivienne came to Bullfrogs and Butterflies as a 3 turning 4 year old from a home care environment.  I had looked at multiple schools and fell in love with not only the school but the leadership here as well.  The programs here are very rich with learning and social growth through well thought out curriculums.  All of the staff here are excellent caring teachers with a strong understanding of early childhood development, and at no time did I ever wonder about the care or learning that Vivienne was receiving.  As Vivienne has moved on to elementary school, she greatly misses her Bullfrog family and will continue to return to visit as much as possible.  This is an excellent school! “

Lisa Woodbury ( Vivi’s mom)

“This is my daughter’s first year in preschool.  I was concerned that the transition to school would be difficult but the awesome teachers and leaders at Bullfrogs and Butterflies have really created a fun and nurturing learning environment where children can learn and still be children.  I am amazed how much my child has learned this year.  I particularly love (and my daughter does too) the hands-on approach to science.  Enrolling my child in Bullfrogs and Butterflies was one of the best (and easiest) decisions I have made.”  Sincerely, Happy Mother of a 4-Year Old

2013-2014 “This is an amazing school! The staff is very supportive of the student’s needs and are willing to work with the parents. As a teacher myself I would not take my daughters anywhere else.” Heustis Family

“It’s not often that you come across a collective group of individuals that love and care for your child in the same ways that you as parents do and frankly, leaving my 6-year old little boy with anyone tends to be nerve-wrecking for me.  But let me say this with every bit of sincerity and truth that I can muster, Bullfrogs and Butterflies will love and care fore your child just as you do.  If you make the decision to take your child to B&B, do it knowingly that they might ask you to pick them up just a “little bit later tomorrow”, just as my son has done so many times before.  My son heads to first grade next year and although I am so excited for him to start his new venture, it’s also very sad to say “good-bye” to B&B.  Our family will forever love them, all of them.”  Darla Grese – Brady’s mom.

2014-2015 “We could NOT be happier with this preschool. I would highly recommend it. Beautiful facility, amazing teachers, wonderful (very present, easily-accessible) director. So happy we chose this school for our daughter.” Lapinski Family

“The teachers! They are extremely warm and welcoming.They truly care about the kids and are like an extended family. While in previous settings only the primary teacher had a bond with my children and were able to comfort them, all the teachers here have a connection with my child and are able to make him feel better when he’s sad.  That’s priceless!”

“I am amazed of the things my child has learned.  The curriculum is age appropriate, and most of all my child enjoys it! I especially like the different “science” activities you do.  Thank you!”

“The genuine care and concern for the family, the knowledge that my child is cared for and challenged, and the love of learning that is fostered by the educators in the school.”

“My child loves the school and feels very comfortable with her surroundings.  B&B provides a very nurturing environment where children develop emotionally and academically.”

“Everything that my child has learned in this school has made her smarter and more confident.  My child has made great improvements and I see that all of the programs she has been in contribute to her success.”

“Please feel free to use our name and/or phone number as a contact for parents who are considering enrolling their children at Bullfrogs and Butterflies. Thank you so much for getting Eva excited about school again.  You provided more than a learning environment, it is also a loving, nurturing program that makes all students feel special.”  Sincerely, The Parker Family

“THANK YOU for 3 great years! We’ll miss you!” ~ The Plaatsman Family



Your partnership has been recognized as a 2009-2010 Model Partnership by the VBCPS Partnership Advisory Link and will be recognized at the school division’s “Making a Difference” Community Celebration – Wednesday, April 28, 2010.

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